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How to Get More Followers on BlogyMate

Posted in Uncategorized by Rajib Roy on April 23, 2011

BlogyMate is the internet’s newest social phenomonon, combining blogging with social networking. So you have a BlogyMate page, but want to get ‘BlogyMate famous’. Here’s how!

Follow follow follow. The more you follow people, the more will check out your blog and follow back.

Comments. Whenever you see any good article try to post comments. People can easily reach you from comments.

Follow the ‘big guys’. Follow blogs on BlogyMate that already have lots of followers and you may get a follow back. All their followers will be able to see that they are following you, so may follow you too.

Post good content. This must not be overlooked, if you want to become popular on BlogyMate, you need to actually have a good blog with good content. The majority of BlogyMate users are fond of things like Harry Potter, Supernatural, photography, art, etc.

Post funny video. BlogyMate provide different kinds of post. It is easy to post video from youtube and it is one of the popular kind of post on BlogyMate. Try to post funny and humorous video

Leave a personal message. Leave a message in other BlogyMate users and complement them for their articles. But be in mind that you can’t send more then 5 message per day. So use it carefully

Tell your friends to get BlogyMate and follow you. People you know in real life are much more likely to follow you than people in the cyberworld who you don’t really know.

Share your link with Facebook. Write some good articles and share your content with facebook and twitter

Do you have account on BlogyMate? Create a one now.


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