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French doors | Full glass doors

Posted in Uncategorized by Rajib Roy on March 12, 2010

The popular growth of open space living demands products that assist in its concept and bi-folding doors are certainly one of those products. Whether your property or project requires internal room separation or external access, a bi-folding door system can be of huge benefit and provide dual purpose to any area.

As a bespoke joinery manufacturer we are able to create quality bi-folds in any style, size or species of timber. We can even pre-finish and pre-assemble the system so that only the doors need to be screwed back into place upon delivery.

Bi-folding door systems are made up of two separate products, the doors with frame, and the mechanism that provides the required operation. We use the time proven “Centor” system ( Centor are an award winning international hardware manufacturer with headquarters in Brisbane, Birmingham and Chicago. They have many years experience in both sliding and folding systems, which is why our bi-folding doors are operated using their mechanism.

The aesthetic appeal and functionality of a bi-folding door system is growing in popularity, but the process can be taxing if you have to create an opening to suit standard sizes and assemble everything from scratch. We remove this burden by manufacturing the doors to fit your preferred opening and pre-assembling the whole system. We can even pre-finish and if you wish install everything for you.

For more details contact us or come visit us where you can view a bi-folding door system in our showroom.


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