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Ways To Find “Freebies” To Add To Your eBook and Ideas for Viral Marketing

Posted in Uncategorized by Rajib Roy on April 29, 2009


If you shop online regularly I’m sure you are already familiar with the marketing techniques many webmasters use by offering you FREE bonuses, gifts and other incentives in an effort to encourage you to make a purchase from them.

That is all well and good.

However, did you know that (depending on what rights you are granted with the freebies); you can use those “Freebies” to your advantage to add value to your eBooks and other products?

Here are just a few ways that you can find Freebies and things that you could do:

Do a Google search on the internet to find free gifts that are related to your product.

Search under a few keywords such freebies, free reports, free eBooks, free software, free gifts, etc.

Look for products that compliment your product that you can give away as a free gift in your eBook.

By doing that you will make your product more appealing to your readers and you will increase your chances of making a sell.

Look for eBooks on the same topic of your eBook that are published by established expert publishers or by other publishers who have a different take on the same topic.

You can accomplish this by placing your keywords in every chapter of your eBook and researching those keywords in your favorite search engine(s).

Once you have found the free eBook that you are looking for add a link to it in every chapter of your eBook.

Don’t be afraid to search, as many sites have freebies and they want you to distribute them.

Here are a few ideas to help you start your viral marketing campaign:

1. Purchase the branding rights to a viral Book and allow people to give away your free eBook to their subscribers. When their visitors give away the eBook it will take on an exponential effect and spread like wildfire all over the internet.

2. If possible, set up a forum or bulletin board and allow visitors to use your forum or bulletin board for their website. You can include your banner at the top of the forum or discussion board.

3. Write articles pertaining to your niche and allow others to reprint them on their website, in their newsletters, ezines, eBooks or magazines. Always include your resource box at the bottom of each article along with the option for the article to be reprinted.

4. Search the internet to find products with branding rights that allows you to add your name, website information, and contact information to the product and those that allow you to pass it along to others “free of charge.”

5. If you are creative you can design your own graphics, software, templates, fonts, etc., include your own ads on them and include a link directly back to your website.

To preserve the integrity of your designs, make sure that visitors to your website agree to keep any copyrighted information that you provide in tact and include in the copyright notice a link back to your website.

Once they have agreed to your terms and conditions you can then allow them to give away your templates, graphics, fonts, software, etc.

6. In exchange for allowing your website visitors to advertise in an eBook that you have written, make sure they agree to give away your eBook to their ezine subscribers or to their website visitors.

Always over-deliver and give your readers the very best offer possible. They will appreciate you for it.


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