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Top Tips For Outsourcing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Posted in Uncategorized by Rajib Roy on November 15, 2008

Of the major search engines Google is the massively dominant force – the daddy. According to recent metrics from comScore, 63 percent of searches conducted in the USA during August 2008 were made using Google, up from 61.9 percent in July and 56.5 percent in August 2007.

Having run a search, 80% of Internet searchers find what they are looking for within the first three pages. Of these nearly 70% would rather click on a natural listing. Over 50 percent of online shoppers primarily rely on a search engine when trying to find a product to purchase online.

If you want a profitable online profile it’s absolutely vital to be at the top end of the search engine returns – sorry…make that Google returns on your key words and key word phrases.

How to achieve high profile search engine placing?

Answer = SEO.

SEO, search engine optimization, or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the process of marketing a website via search engines to achieve high profile search returns. It primarily consists of either or both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. And works to evolving and reveal site’s relevance so that the engines can easily identify and reward them with top return listings.

Rather than trying to scam the engines or play the system, by far and away the most positive and rewarding policy is to put your energy into creating sites of genuine content and worth, sites of real value to users. Not only will you save time, cash and reputation over the long term by focusing on your content, structure and web relationships, the inherent value in generating trust and authority will act as it’s own SEO establishing self-reinforcing domain authority.

SEO is clearly an important aspect of any organisation’s marketing mix these days with search marketing having evolved into big international business. Spending on sales and brand awareness SEO in the USA alone, predicted to top the $11 billion figure by 2011.

In-house or outsource?

One of the fundamental SEO related questions that companies need to ask themselves is whether they have the resources and expertise to run effective SEO campaigns in-house or whether it is in their best interests to outsource their SEO.

Either way it’s probably a good idea that you know a little about SEO and how it works.

It’s important to know that sites are ranked according to how useful the search engines find site’s content – the relevance of a page against the search term. Search engines use variety of parameters and each search engine has its own algorithm to rank different websites. Factors that influence ranking are numerous however there are tied and trusted methodologies that in the hands of experienced SEO professionals like SEO Consult will yield website owners an important competitive edge. Amongst other things search engines like, fabulous content, quality site organization, clean code, intelligent linking and simply categorized content.

SEO projects are based on four fundamentals:

1. Business Objectives: Research and define the most useful keywords and phrases – map your business objectives in relation to the target audience. Appropriate search terms bring appropriate visitors likely to convert into leads, customers and ROI.

2. Search Engine Preparation: Apply clean current standard compliant HTML code to develop sites that search engines can easily read and index. We encourage a high ratio of content to code and a fast-loading, accessible search engine friendly structure.

3. Site Content and Structure: Search engines look for text content and respect structure. They are priority hungry. Results are more predictable if the site and content are structured.

4. Link Popularity: Google, Yahoo and the other major search engines like to see sites that have clean incoming links from other relevant sites. It’s all about authority. Sites with strong authority linking to your site pass on their authority. It’s a quality by association sort of thing.

If you as an organisation feel that you have the capabilities to deal with the above thoroughly and professionally then you might want to do your own SEO. Remember though – SEO is a craft. As well as commitment and expertise it takes a great deal of specialisation and experience to really master SEO to a high professional standard.

If you are interested in outsourcing your SEO or even part of it to generate more traffic, leads, conversions and sales then here are some important points you need to consider when searching for your perfect SEO partner.

Top Tips For Outsourcing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

1. Key words and keyword phrases – What tools and methodologies do the company use for search term analysis and definition? Ideally they’ll test a range of terms.

2. Campaign wide SEO integration – Check to see whether the company appreciates the holistic nature of SEO, that good SEO integrates with public relations and SEM using optimised and clearly researched and defined key words and phrases.

3. High quality content – Great content rules. Carefully craft content that addresses key search terms and makes sure that content has genuine value and interest to both real people and the search engines. Look for an innovative and imaginative partner who can generate a range of content, graphics, video, widgets, copy etc ideally created using a dedicated media staff. Check samples of their content creation.

4. Ongoing? – Ideally you will partner an SEO company that will create content on a regular basis, continually inspire new links continuously and closely monitor trends and competitors.

5. Link building – Can your prospective partner clearly define their linking strategy processes and prove their abilities in finding quality links for their clients? Directories, blogs, articles, press releases, competitive analysis, etc. Check samples of their link building campaigns.

6. Evaluate what you can measure – What metrics does your prospective partner propose using? Leads, online sales, phone calls generated? When it comes to SEO there’s often an inverse relation between the amount of guaranteed success that a SEO company will guarantee and the amount of success that they deliver. Nobody can hand on heart guarantee top search engine positions.

7. Gather References – SEO is a results business. By referring to clients who’ve benefited clients with increased sales, leads, profile brand awareness a potential partner can go along way in establishing their credentials.

8. Check the lay of the land – Don’t pick the first company you come across. Be sure to meet them in person. Take and check references, do your homework and check previous and ongoing projects. Establish contact with a variety of people within the company. Request and search their keywords and see how well the SEO ranks for the keywords they have chosen to go with. How good the SEO agency is at SEO.

In life you generally get what you pay for. Don’t choose an SEO company just because they offered you the lowest price. Be sure the SEO consultancy is ethical and won’t risk your organisations web presence with deceptive practices. Be sure to do your homework thoroughly.


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